Melanated Melon
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we have proudly partnered with Melanated Melon to help bring awareness to Childhood Cancer. 
Here is a little more information:
Melanated Melon is a concept. A representation of the many shades of baldness witnessed during this journey and the heartbreak that nothing could prepare us for. It was one of the saddest moments, and there where many of those, because of how important hair is. To our surprise, Johnathan’s bald head or his melon was completely round, brown and beautiful. He was beautiful. In the hospital during another round of chemo I began to draw a rendition of a cancer ribbon that suited the experiences of my life and how cancer has plagued things I love from people to animals. The ribbon logo was rounded to resemble a melon at the top then filled in with multiple colors not to say one cancer group deserves more attention over the other, but to represent all cancer and how we should all get behind every person who has to battle this awful disease. Anyone can be Johnathan strong or “whomever” strong. This ribbon is for each person who fought that fight, whether won or lost, this ribbon is for the families who suffer cancer daily and still have to function with or without their loved one, this ribbon is for what ever your fight looks like, this ribbon is for YOU. Look closely, the different patterns inside the ribbon actually spell out Melanated Melon.
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