About Our Products

We make all of our products in shop. That means that our Master Makers start with raw ingredients and turn them into a product.
All of our products are used by our family first.
Artisan Soaps
Our soap base is made with a special blend of hard butters and oils, that are melted and then blended together. After this process, the mixture is poured into molds, where it sets for 24-36 hours. After unmolding, its off to the curing rack for 4-6 weeks.Β 
Body Oils and Shimmer Oils
All of our oils start with the same base ingredients. All of our infused oils are infused in our shop.Β 
Hemp Body Butters
Our Master Makers start with the same base as our soaps. The butters and oils are then cooled and then whipped together.Β 
Whipped Sugar Scrubs
The scrub base starts with butters and oils that are whipped together. Then the right amount of pure cane sugar is added.
Bath Salts
The Master Makers start with Epsom salt and Himalayan salt and then we add a blend of our infused oils.
Hemp Bath Bombs
ο»Ώο»ΏA special blend of oils are mixed in the bath bomb mix. The mix is then measured out into molds and off set to rest for 24 hours.