We are celebrating by releasing our very first Self-Care Guide E-Book. Our founder started a journey of loving herself and being more intentional about the things in her life. She used her personal struggles with feeling unbalanced and created a guide that she used to help find that balance. It took determination and hardworking but she started a journey and it was fulfilling and wonderful. Thisย has been a long and exciting journey and we are so ready to share with our Squad.

Here is a Description:

Are you feeling unbalanced? Are you feeling like there isn't enough time for yourself? Are you looking for ways to start spending time with yourself? Honestly, we have all been there. We have tons of things on our plates daily and at the end of a busy day or week we are sometimes exhausted. It doesn't matter if you are a mom, college student, or business owner, finding time to love on yourself is some times at the bottom of the list.ย 

This is a Self-Care Guide that gives you tips on what to do to start prioritizing yourself. Using these tips and activities you will soon know and feel why Self-Care is so important. Your personal Self-Care will become a necessity. It's also a 30 Day Challenge. Who doesn't love a challenge? This challenge won't be easy at first but Self-Care will soon become a routine that you won't even have to think about. Although the challenge itself may take some determination, these easy tips and examples are perfect to get you started and relaxed.

We are all on different journeys in life, but one thing that we can agree on is that we have to love on ourself. We are all looking for ways to better ourselves and practicing these tips can help you manage the stressors of life. ย 

Grab a friend or two and start this challenge together and watch how you begin to feel. Challenge and hold each other accountable. Feed off each other. We all have people in our lives that may benefit from having someone else to be there as support.Support is some times needed for growth. You could be a person that decides that you want to take this journey alone. That is perfect too. Whatever way you decide to complete this journey is a personal choice and this guide is flexible.ย 


You can Pre-Order the Self-Care Guide 30-Day Challenge on July 15 on our website
Release Date will be July 20.ย 
You want to be a part of this amazing challenge and journey.

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