I Am.... Bundle

From Our President
I have been on a personal journey that includes redefining myself. That includes a lot of things, but most importantly my mental, physical and spiritual wellness. I had to have some real and tough conversations with myself. One of the biggest was realizing that I am always there for the people that I love the most (it's not always a bad thing), but I noticed that I was pouring from an empty cup. How can you pour from an empty cup, right? It was the pressure. The pressure of being the best wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I didn't notice that I was leaving myself out and I needed balance.
I knew that I needed to change the way that I was showing up for myself. This lead to journaling, mediation, and affirmations. Sitting the time aside for myself became my number one priority. 
This Collection of Affirmation Candles is a reflection of the shadow work that I have been doing. When saying Affirmations, I always start with I am. When I put "I am" in front of any word I am saying that I am that. "I am" is the most powerful word because it frees you to be who you desire to be, regardless of what you see.
My favorite affirmations this month have been, "I am Beautiful", "I am Loved" and "I am Me." These are the 3 candles that are apart of this NEW Bundle. Each candle as a unique affirmation on the front.
Light your candle, Repeat the affirmation, Mediate and Start journaling. 

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